Dementia Increasing

A Power of Attorney allows someone to make decisions on your behalf, should you lack mental capacity to do so yourself.

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Long Term Care Costs

People are living longer than ever, but the fact is, a lot of people don’t have enough money to pay for long term care.

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Who Will Look After Me

The Court of Protection will advise a relative or friend what actions to take or what decisions they are allowed to make on your behalf

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Why Do I Need An LPA

Without an LPA The Court of Protection takes over your affairs, freezes joint bank accounts and costs you many thousands in fees

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LPA Property & Financial

Lets you choose 1 person or more to make decisions about money and property for you, eg: paying bills collecting benefits selling your home You can appoint someone to look after your property and financial affairs at any time.

LPA Health & Welfare

Allows you to choose 1 person or more to make decisions about things like: your daily routine (eg eating and what to wear) medical care moving into a care home refusing life-sustaining treatment This Lasting Power of Attorney can only be used once someone is unable to make their own decisions.

Real Life Story

Heather Bateman had to run the family finances after an accident left her husband in a coma; and thanks to the Court of Protection, three years of pain and misery followed

Daily Mail Report

Draconian measures are being imposed by the little-known Court of Protection, set up two years ago to act in the interests of people suffering from Alzheimer’s or other mental incapacity. The court hears about 23,000 cases a year – always in private – involving people deemed unable to take their own decisions. Using far-reaching powers, the court has so far taken control of more than £3.2billion of assets.

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